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Twitter or the difficult economic model of social networks

Twitter or the difficult economic model of social networks

Twitter or the difficult economic model of social networksBought by Elon Musk for 44 billion dollars, the platform, like others, bet on free access to its subscribers. But she struggles to make her audience profitable.
If it's free, you're the product. This motto, particularly suited to digital industries, is even more relevant in the social media sector. Facebook (1.9 billion daily active users), TikTok (more than a billion), Snapchat (332 million), Twitter (217 million)… All have bet on offering their services for free to their subscribers. With the challenge of then succeeding in making this audience profitable.

A difficulty that has not been able to overcome so far Twitter, whose sale to Elon Musk, boss of the car manufacturer Tesla, was formalized on Monday, April 25, in an operation at 44 billion dollars (41 billion euros ). Despite its political and media weight, and despite advertising revenues up 25% (to 4.5 billion dollars in fiscal year 2021), the platform, created in 2006, suffered losses of nearly $500 million. Proof that it has still not found its commercial maturity.

Quite the opposite of Facebook, which bet very early on to capture the attention of its users to become a heavyweight in digital advertising. With success: through its various applications (mainly Facebook, Instagram), the Menlo Park (California) company was able to generate $115 billion in advertising revenue in 2021. However, notwithstanding the takeover of Instagram in 2012, which was already aimed to rejuvenate its audience, Mark Zuckerberg's empire is seeing competition from new networks such as the Chinese TikTok, which has succeeded in attracting new digital generations.

Twitter, Meta, Amazon, FTX, Snapchat: five tech giants in turmoil

Twitter, Meta, Amazon, FTX, Snapchat: five tech giants in turmoil

Twitter, Meta, Amazon, FTX, Snapchat: five tech giants in turmoilThe problem: its virtual platform Horizon Worlds only brought together 200,000 users after eighteen years of non-stop hiring, Mark Zuckerberg announced the layoff of 13% of the company's workforce. It must be said that the avatars proposed do not yet have legs…

the end of the pandemic has slowed activityEven the third largest private employer on the planet, the global e-commerce giant Amazon is preparing a plan for 10,000 job cuts, starting in mid-November. A “drop of water” (3% of the workforce) for the second largest American private employer (behind Walmart) and third in the world (after China National Petroleum), which has more than 1.6 million employees worldwide.

Facebook now makes teenager accounts private by default

Facebook now makes teenager accounts private by default

Facebook now makes teenager accounts private by defaultOn the one hand, Meta boasts extended security settings for young people and, on the other hand, shocked by accusations from some users who reported that Meta employees stole user accounts and extorted several thousand US dollars from users.
What is behind Facebook's "private" settings

Facebook recently announced that it would introduce more “private” settings as the default for all users under the age of 16. In June 2022, the company had already launched new protection functions for teenagers on Instagram. Now Facebook users who are under the age of 16 but already have an account should also be prompted to activate the most recent privacy setting with one click.

Facebook's private settings include various functions that increase user security. This is particularly relevant for users under the age of 16. Enabling this setting has the following more secure consequences: Only friends can see the posts of the account in which it is tagged. The list of friends and pages that the account follows are only visible to contacts of the same. Users who have activated private mode must review posts in which they are tagged. Also, only friends of the account owner can comment on posts from private accounts.

Facebook is also currently trying to protect young people from fraudulent adult accounts. To this end, the social platform is testing an option to prevent teenagers from sending adults messages that have previously been blocked or reported by other teenager accounts. Facebook also doesn't show these "suspicious" adults in teen contact recommendations, and encourages teen accounts to report the accounts they've blocked as well. Meanwhile, on Instagram, Meta is testing removing the message button entirely from teen accounts when viewed by a "suspicious" adult.

Fraud on Instagram: This is what you should know about the new blackmail scam

Fraud on Instagram: This is what you should know about the new blackmail scam

Instagram: This is what you should know about the new blackmail scamA new breed of scam on Instagram is causing fear among creator account users. Many of them have built up a large reach over the years with a lot of commitment. Now they have to fear that their account will suddenly be blocked – by Instagram.

The new scam on Instagram comes from blackmailers who demand large sums of money to release the profile again. Those affected include many influencers as well as entrepreneurs who are active on social platforms. Marketing professional Raoul Plickat was also blackmailed. He was supposed to pay a four-digit sum in cryptocurrency to strangers to restore his account with 18,000 followers. In his opinion, Instagram makes it easy for criminals. He now has his profile back thanks to good contacts with Instagram. In the following article, Raoul Plickat explains how fraud works on Instagram and why Instagram has to take quick action against the scammers.
Fraud on Instagram: How a good idea becomes a problem

Problems with fake accounts have been around for almost as long as Instagram itself. Celebrities and entrepreneurs, whom many users trust, are particularly affected. Because it is hardly possible for the users of the platform to distinguish between a real profile and a fake one. To remedy this, the platform introduced verification in 2018 - the blue tick. This tick indicates: This is the authentic profile. The verification confirms that the real person is acting on the account.

In order to get this verification from Instagram, one must first meet all the given requirements. The profile represents real people or brands that - with the exception of international brands - may only have one account each. In addition, the profile must be public and equipped with all filled-in information in the bio as well as a profile picture. It also applies that there is no reference to profiles in other social networks. Ultimately, the person or brand must be known, often searched for and represented in the media.

Meta employees hijacked Facebook and Instagram accounts and blackmailed users

Meta employees hijacked Facebook and Instagram accounts and blackmailed users

Meta employees hijacked Facebook and Instagram accounts and blackmailed usersMeta employees apparently stole users' Facebook and Instagram accounts. In some cases, ransom payments were even demanded for the release of the accounts.

At Meta, it seems that employees hijack users' Facebook and Instagram accounts time and time again. According to a Wall Street Journal report, there have been more than two dozen such incidents in the past year.
Some of the victims were then blackmailed. They should have paid several thousand dollars to regain access to user accounts. In some cases, third parties would also have bribed Meta employees to gain access to certain accounts.
Instagram and Facebook accounts stolen: Meta fires employees...

Amazon begins mass layoffs: Affected employees receive cryptic invitations to interviews

Amazon begins mass layoffs: Affected employees receive cryptic invitations to interviews

Amazon begins mass layoffs: Affected employees receive cryptic invitations to interviewsOn Tuesday, Amazon began what is expected to be the largest round of layoffs in its company history, according to affected employees. The company intends to lay off about 10,000 employees, the New York Times previously reported.

Employees affected by the layoffs received cryptic invitations to "mandatory" meetings Tuesday with teammates, executives and HR officials, according to one such invitation obtained by Business Insider. During the meeting, employees were informed that they had 60 days to find a new job internally. If they have not found a new job during this time, they can receive severance pay. It's not clear what the severance payment Amazon is offering.

The best 8 Google Maps tricks for mobile and PC

The best 8 Google Maps tricks for mobile and PC

The best 8 Google Maps tricks for mobile and PCThere is no doubt that the Google maps platform is one of the most popular in the world. Many users rely on Google Maps when looking for businesses, knowing if a restaurant is good, or moving safely by car or motorcycle. Despite the fact that these features stand out from the rest, the application (and also its web version) has a large number of hidden tricks. Do you want to meet them?


In this article we compile the best tricks for Google Maps to get the most out of this service. We talk to you, among other things, about how to prevent your house from appearing in Street View, how to download maps to your mobile or what to do to see the monuments of your city in 3D. Use this app on your phone or PC like a real pro!

The tricks you should know to take advantage of Google Maps

Promised is debt. Here we leave you the most interesting functions of Google Maps to get more out of this service on your mobile and PC.
Prevent your house from appearing on Google Maps
It is evident that a large amount of personal data appears in this application. Without going any further, with Street View others can see where you live and what your home is like. Well, if that does not convince you, you have the possibility to avoid it. Take a look at the guide that we have published on this matter and make your house disappear from Google Maps.
Find out how the traffic is in your surroundings

The Google Maps application has a dedicated view for traffic. After activating it and knowing what each color on Maps means, it will be very easy for you to know what the state of the roads is in the area where you live. This can help you avoid traffic jams and reduce emissions from your vehicle. How can you do it?
Open Google Maps and click on the layers button. Then, tap on Traffic to see the updated data in real time. Although the capture corresponds to the web version, this information is also available in the mobile application, both when browsing the map and during navigation.

Offline maps to avoid data consumption
The maps include a lot of data that your mobile must download. The solution to this problem is to download all this information previously, when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

As shown in the image above, a few taps are enough for Maps to allow you to choose which area of ​​the map you want to save to your device. Check out our article on saving maps offline for all the details.
Find coordinates on Google Maps

It is possible that on some occasion you have received some coordinates and you would like to know the exact point they refer to on the map. Google Maps allows you to locate places using this system, although you must make sure that they are in the correct format. We explain all this in the guide on how to search for coordinates in Google Maps. Of course, we anticipate that it is as simple as placing this information in the application's search bar.

Google wants to certify and label family-friendly apps even better

Google wants to certify and label family-friendly apps even better

Google wants to certify and label family-friendly apps even betterThere are many, many apps in the Google Play Store and some of them are actually perfectly tailored for use by children. Unfortunately, this is by far not the case for all apps that actually claim this. Google has drafted its own guidelines for this and based them on the two programs "Designed for Families" and "Teacher Approved". Both should ensure compliance with various criteria and approve corresponding apps, with the latter program educators are actually called in to help.

As Google is now announcing, the guidelines of the two programs are now being brought closer together in such a way that there will soon be even more apps for families that also offer the "Teacher Approved" seal. So better content for kids - can only be endorsed. In addition, Google will change the guidelines for family-friendly advertising, so that from next year it will be mandatory for all apps that have been certified as "family-friendly". In the coming weeks, all apps targeting children will reflect their compliance with the Play Family Policy requirements with a special icon in the Data Security section.

7 vs. Wild: These men really benefit from the million dollar hit

7 vs. Wild: These men really benefit from the million dollar hit

7 vs. Wild: These men really benefit from the million dollar hitHow two unknown entrepreneurs inspire millions with the YouTube format "7 vs. Wild" - and who benefits from it

In the 2000s, Discovery Channel aired the television series Abandoned in the Wild. In it, survival expert Bear Grylls was abandoned in the wild and had to fight his way back to civilization without help. His tasks: find food, build shelters and defy other adversities.

Maybe it was this series that gave those responsible for "7 vs. Wild" the necessary inspiration years ago. In any case, the YouTube format that everyone is talking about now works in a very similar way – but with more than one protagonist. As the name suggests, 7 vs. Wild involves seven contestants being released into the wild. They are all Youtubers, some of them produce outdoor videos themselves. Depending on their previous knowledge, they are allowed to take between one and seven items with them in the current season in order to survive in the wilderness. They film themselves and their everyday lives. That also means seven days of complete isolation.
Wilderness survival as a concept

And because surviving without provisions is obviously not enough of a challenge, participants can also do a “challenge” every day to collect points. In the end, whoever has the most points and holds out until the end wins.

The format is hosted by Friedrich "Fritz" Meinecke. The Youtuber from Magdeburg is best known for his adventure videos and stands for the extreme. In the past 12 months alone, the 33-year-old has cycled from Berlin to Istanbul, spent three days in the desert or spent the night in deep snow when temperatures were in the two-digit range. Meinecke also takes part in both seasons of 7 vs. Wild himself. He also won the first.

Youtube streamer Ludwig has been locked up live for 16 hours for charity

Youtube streamer Ludwig has been locked up live for 16 hours for charity

Youtube streamer Ludwig has been locked up live for 16 hours for charityThe American Youtube streamer Ludwig Ahgren will be online for 50 hours from tomorrow. Not an exceptional thing in itself, streamers nowadays often organize so-called “subathons”. Still, this marathon stream is going to be different from all the others. Ahgren will not stay in his own trusted stream studio at home during the 50 hours, but will be locked up in a glass cage in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. One of the most famous gaming events in the world will take place there this weekend: Dreamhack. As a result, this time, outside of his normal digital audience, he will also be able to be followed non-stop by the thousands of Dreamhack attendees.


As mentioned, such a stream marathon is not a unique phenomenon. Just about all the big names in the streaming world have spent several days online at some point in their careers, Ahgren's own "subathon" being perhaps the most famous. In March and April of last year, the Los Angeles-based streamer could be followed live for no less than 31 days. The event that also earned him the record for most simultaneous twitch subscribers, where he could be admired before his switch to Youtube earlier this year.

While only part of the proceeds went to various charities during his record-breaking marathon broadcast, this time all income will benefit charities. Specifically, these are the Alveus Sanctuary, an animal shelter of fellow streamer Maya Higa, and the American No Kid Hungry.

This is how you change the order of a photodump on Instagram

This is how you change the order of a photodump on Instagram

This is how you change the order of a photodump on InstagramHave you posted a nice photodump on Instagram, but after a while you start to have doubts about the order of the photos? We've all been there. For a long time you couldn't change anything about it, but that is now possible.

Whether you are (or have been) on holiday and want to share a lot of photos, or look back every month at the highlights of recent times: a photodump is the solution. You can actually lose everything in a photodump. Often these are also unedited images, which are not very posed and picture perfect, but just nice and spontaneous. In such a dump on Instagram you can lose a maximum of ten photos at the same time.

Two options

When choosing the photos you want to share, you can determine the order yourself. The first photo is of course the most important, because you will see it on your feed. Sometimes, however, you think afterwards that you would have preferred to place the third photo first, and that the last photo should be a bit earlier in your carousel. No worries, because nowadays you can still change the order afterwards. You actually have two options: you delete the post and repost it, or you follow the next step-by-step plan.
Adjust order

Change the order of your photodump without deleting it? You do this by following the steps below.

    Go to the photodump you want to change.
    Click on the three dots at the top right of the post.
    Press 'edit' or 'edit' (depending on which language you use).
    Then click on the trash can at the top left of the photo for each photo you want in a different order. Good to know: the photos are not permanently deleted.
    Now go to your profile and press the three lines at the top right.
    Open the settings and type "manage recently deleted" in the search bar.
    Click on the first photo you want back in your photodump.
    Finally, press the three dots at the top left of the post and click 'show in profile'.

Et voila! You repeat these steps for all the photos you want to put back in the carousel. The order you put them back in is the new order. Good luck!

Facebook wants to know less about you, and that's great

Facebook wants to know less about you, and that's great

Facebook wants to know less about you, and that's greatIt will soon be 19 years since the launch of Facebook. Almost two decades in which social networks have gone from being something minority and still incipient, to becoming one of the main means of communication and information for millions and millions of people throughout the world. Some years in which we have seen how the perception of them changed, the success of many, the collapse of even more and the erratic present of those that, at the time, seemed to be the most important in the world.

I'm mainly talking, of course, about Facebook and Twitter. Regarding the second, in recent weeks we are witnessing a truly bizarre and grotesque process, worthy of the best of the fascinating inventiveness of Don Ramón María del Valle-Inclán. Now, that since the arrival of Elon Musk that network has become a permanent fire, it does not mean that before that it was a happy arcadia. Quite the contrary, the service already suffered from not a few problems such as hate and misleading information that, yes, at least those responsible were trying to solve it.

Facebook, for its part, lived through a golden age, a time when its numbers didn't grow, it's that they looked like a spaceship taking flight. They were naive times, in which many of the users of the social network did not hesitate to publish some quite private aspects on it. Sexuality, political ideology, religious beliefs... information, all of them, that today enjoy an enormous level of protection by regulations such as the GDPR but that, in those days, were publicly revealed in user profiles or, at least , were uploaded to the platform.

The Facebook reputation crisis sparked by the Cambridge Analytica scandal changed everything. Suddenly many people began to wonder if it made sense to have uploaded such information to Facebook, either to make it public or to keep it private. Suddenly, as if impelled by the coup, millions of users began to delete said information from their profiles and, at the same time, the use of the social network's services decreased little by little, but steadily.

A Facebook user is sentenced for third-party comments on his wall

A Facebook user is sentenced for third-party comments on his wall

A Facebook user is sentenced for third-party comments on his wallThe Supreme Court has sentenced a Facebook user for breach of honor by not deleting comments posted by third parties on his wall and sentenced him to pay 3,000 euros to his neighbors, against whom the ratings were referring.

The Plenary of the high court understands that it should have acted diligently in the face of these reactions: "You cannot simply ignore what is published on your profile by other users," says the sentence.

The man criticized his neighbors on FB, against whom he had had a dispute over a work. Other people commented on his post, uttering insults, such as "garbage", "rats", "rabble", against those neighbors and even threatened them with phrases such as "I'll liquidate them and I'll finish before" or "hire a thug", according to the failed.

The user not only did not delete the comments, but also thanked the interventions and blocked the only person who requested moderation.

"It is serious enough to reach a sanction of this type and that the Plenary has judged it," says the defense lawyer for those affected, José López Balado, who believes that this sentence will be applicable to all social networks. “They must be clean of actions of harassment, depreciation and slander. If you support these opinions, you become a kind of 'mediate author' because if you do not act, you breach that duty, becoming responsible for damages. And more when you are aware and aware of its existence, because there have already been previous complaints ”he adds.

In the opinion of the lawyer, "the user has civil liability that obliges him, exercising his power of control, to its immediate deletion." The ruling condemns to delete all comments from the wall, to publish the sentence in its entirety on the network and to assume the payment of interest and costs.

For the lawyer, this sentence marks a before and after and warns that the comments of others must be taken into account so that they do not turn against them. “And even more what is published on social networks, which today are the first or second means of communication. It is direct advertising that reaches users and can have more impact than what is said on television or in the newspapers”, he adds.

Instagram accounts to discover Barcelona

Instagram accounts to discover Barcelona
Do you want to discover Barcelona through images? We show you the best Instagram accounts to do it.

Instagram accounts to discover BarcelonaNowadays we tend to share everything on Instagram. And to unify the images by theme and to reach the more people you improve, we use hashtags. But there are those who are not satisfied with that and decide to create themed accounts. Thus, there are some in which images of Barcelona are shared and therefore help us to discover it better.

For example, we have @unbuendiaenbarcelona, ​​an account in which information and images about culture, leisure, gastronomy or events are shared. Thus, you will be able to discover good restaurants, organize original plans inspired by the content that is published in the account or attend events that you know thanks to it.
But if, in addition to being informed, you want to delight your eyes with spectacular photos, your account is @bcnmoltmes. Here they will make you fall in love with Barcelona and its surroundings thanks to the photographs, which are ultimately the protagonists of Instagram. And it is that in this account they share super beautiful images of coastal, inland or mountain towns. Best of all, they invite you to share your experience with other instagramers... if you use the hashtag #BCNmoltmes your photo can be published in the account.

If you liked the latter, you should know that your posts can also appear on @barcelonasecreta. Although initially it was based on the idea of ​​discovering little-known places, now images of any corner of Barcelona are shared. But despite that we are talking about a good account in which to see photos of frequented places and other more secret places in the city. And they share several daily images!

Finally, I am going to tell you about @Barcelonafoodexperience in which a girl whose name is María shares images of the dishes that she is trying in different restaurants and bars. Thanks to this you will know new places to go when you feel hungry.

Elon Musk says Twitter's free lunch costs the company $400 per meal

Elon Musk says Twitter's free lunch costs the company $400 per meal because hardly anyone comes into the office
Elon Musk says Twitter's free lunch costs the company $400 per mealElon Musk said Sunday that free lunches for employees at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters cost more than $400 a meal because "almost no one" is in the office. According to records, the office's average occupancy rate over the past 12 months has been less than 10 percent, peaking at just 25 percent.

Musk tweeted Sunday after the New York Times reported that Twitter employees will have to pay for office lunches themselves. He said the criticism of the move was "particularly bizarre considering almost no one comes into the office." He also added, "There are more people preparing breakfast than eating it. They don't even bother to serve dinner because nobody is in the building."

According to Musk, Twitter spends $13 million a year on employee meals at its San Francisco headquarters.

However, Musk's $400-per-meal meal cost estimate has now been challenged by Tracy Hawkins, a former Twitter contributor. According to Hawkins' LinkedIn profile, she was vice president of real estate and work transformation at Twitter, with a focus on hybrid work.

Hawkins said of Musk's estimate, "That's a lie. I ran this program until a week ago when I quit because I didn't want to work for @elonmusk anymore." This has allowed staff to work during lunch breaks and meetings. In addition, attendance in the offices was between 20 and 50 percent.

Musk, in turn, said Hawkins' numbers were "wrong." The reason for the discrepancy may be that Hawkins was referring to being in multiple offices, while Musk was specifically talking about being in Twitter's San Francisco headquarters. Twitter has not yet responded to Business Insider's request.

In his first address to Twitter employees after taking control of the company, Musk told employees to adjust to an 80-hour workweek and fewer perks -- like free office lunches -- according to Bloomberg . In an interview ahead of the G20 summit in Indonesia, Musk said he works "morning till night, seven days a week," adding, "The extent to which I torment myself is next level."

Twitter ended working from home shortly after Musk took over the helm of the company. Last week, Musk emailed employees at 2:39 a.m., urging them to return to the office or "accept resignation." That came after 50 percent of Twitter's 7,500 employees were fired after Musk took office.

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